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My name is Agisanang Masekela and I’m an award-winning Creative Director for a Connected Age. I'm a specialist in combining strategy, systems and storytelling to make brands matter. I enjoy mining insights and tackling business problems through inspiring, engaging, user-centric solutions.

I have been fortunate enough to work in a wide array of industries like fashion, television, FMCG, travel & tourism, automotive, telecommunications and banking.

Along the way I have won numerous international and local awards - including a Gold in Online Film at Cannes 2017 for Cadbury. I currently work at Ogilvy & Mather JHB as a Creative Director.


South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. It’s well known that the first step in curbing the spread of this disease is to get tested and know your status. Problem is, the youth are not interested in getting tested. The standard procedure of a typical HIV test, gets performed on the index finger. On World AIDS Day, MTV encouraged their audience to change the finger that the test is performed on and in so doing, gave HIV the middle finger.

Role: Creative Director

Cadbury Pre-Joy

Cadbury wanted to connect with a new audience in a digital world dominated by YouTube. We selected some of the most popular YouTube clips and created pre-rolls showing what really sparked these joyful moments. Each 5 second execution was crafted to look identical to the video it preceded; from wardrobe to framing and resolution.

Role: Creative Director

DStv Halloween Sleepover

We put 3 unlucky victims in an abandoned hospital while they watched the scariest movies on DStv, to see if they could last the night. Then, using Facebook Live, we streamed the entire horror event, giving viewers the opportunity to scare the victims by linking their chosen emoji’s to the next prank.

Role: Creative Director & Creative Technologist

DStv Emoji Trailers

People used to turn to TV for entertainment, but today, their first port of call is a much smaller screen. We wanted to redirect people’s attention from their Twitters to the original home of great entertainment: DStv. In the weeks leading up to World Emoji Day, we launched #DStvEmojiTrailers, a series of cute sized video trailers that showcase the breadth of awesome movies, sport & series on DStv Premium. Tweet any face emoji @DStv and instantly get a trailer to match your mood.

Role: Creative Director & Strategist

The Entertainment Charter

The rise of fong kong TV entertainment has brought disorder into South African homes. People are bored, unentertianed and ungovernable. So we introduced The Entertainment Charter and appointed a Deputy Speaker to deliver it to South Africans. This charter had 3 points of order that helped unpack the breadth of content available on DStv Compact.

Role: Creative Director

Ungabhayizi nge Data Yakho

The DStv Compact market is beyond data sensitive. The high cost of data has become a heated issue in SA. Our challenge was to increase usage of the video streaming service (DStv Now App) to this hostile market. We decided to flip the conversation by rather getting consumers to think more carefully about the quality of entertainment they spend their data on. So we rallied up TV stars and got them to educate our audience to stop waisting their data on things like, clickbait on social media, dodgy Google searches, poor quality YouTube videos and illegal download websites. "Ungabhayizi nge Data Yakho" means "Don't be waistful with your mobile data".

Role: Creative Director & Strategist


DStv is known for its premium local TV shows, this can be seen everyday on social media. People have built relationships with the characters spread across all the TV shows. So for our 2017 festive campaign, we decided to tap into a unique South African insight commonly known as the "great trek". The "great trek" happens every December where South Africans leave the big city and go back home to their family.

We decided to exaggerate this relationship our customers have with their favourite TV characters and created a story of a young woman going back home to a star-studded family based on all the A-List stars available on DStv. DStv presents the "Home Coming" campaign. This multi-layered storytelling platform of a young woman casually interacting with various TV stars enabled us to authentically tackle various business objectives but made the consumer feel as if they were simply following along in an entertaining content series. This campaign played out across various digital & traditional mediums.

Role: Creative Director

Lets Talk Colour

The 21st of March was declared as the International Day against Racism. So on that day we removed the colour from the MTV channel, turning it into a platform to talk about race and racism. #LetsTalkColour appeared on all content - all day. All advertising was removed for the day and replaced with unique interviews of our audience letting people share their opinions and views to unite as a nation.

Role: Art Director & Animator

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